The calm before the storm…

Generally winter months are known to be more relaxed on the farm.  Winter means hibernation for some people but what does one need during hibernation? Something to keep you warm and luckily wine can help with that, throw in some Hillcrest olives and some Havoc brew beer, to make sure that your winter “flubber” is enough to keep your body isolated against that extra icy nights.

But, things never stand still here at Hillcrest.  The joys of continuously prepping and planning for the next harvest season and to actually witness the fruits of your hard labour at the end are most definitely one of the most satisfying feelings in the world.

Currently our farm workers are busy pruning the vineyards. This is a crucial part of the vineyard lifecycle that needs to be done every year after the vineyards go into their dormant faze and so important to ensure that the vineyards bud properly the next growing season and to simplify the canopy management at a later stage. Every process done at the exact right time.  This is a method perfected over centuries of trial and error. And soon we will be doing exactly the same to our olive trees.

Another very exciting thing we are currently busy with is blending and finalizing our new 2017 Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé. And I can already say I can’t wait for you to taste them.  We are also busy labelling the 2015 Quarry Merlot that will be released the 1st of August at our cellar door. Then, I don’t want to give away too much info, but there is something great coming up in September/October. All I am saying is the Saartjie Semillon needs some companions…

So as previously mentioned, winter tends to be more relax on the farm. Calm before the storm? As you can see things are already heating up. And we are patiently waiting for all our product lovers to awaken from there long hibernation, hungry and thirsty for everything new the season will bring.

Till then, keep warm and safe…


Arno Smith

Estate manager

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