Lunch Menu



West coast mussels R115

Fresh West coast black mussels steamed in a velvety Havoc Weiss and chorizo sauce served with soft panini squares.

Smokey springbok R98

Smokey slivers of tender springbok loin, dressed with a pungent rocket salad, shavings of parmesan and fragrant poached pears.

Salmon trout starter R110

Paper-thin slices of locally sourced cold smoked Salmon trout adorned with segments of zesty orange, silky horseradish cream cheese and beetroot jewels.

Calamari goujons R95

Hand-cut calamari goujons dusted, and gently fried till crisp and golden with fries and tangy homemade tartare sauce.

Beetroot carpaccio R85

Tender briny beet dressed with airy whipped feta, honeyed pecans a fresh rocket salad and drizzled with house-made basil pesto.

Jalapeno poppers R85

Fiery jalapenos packed with three cheeses and peppadews, cloaked in bacon and golden Panko crumbs.


Butternut & Quinoa R110

Cinnamon roasted butternut tossed with sautéed broccoli florets and red quinoa, dressed with creamy Danish feta, roasted chickpeas and zingy dried cranberries.

Salmon trout R175

A luscious salad, with tender strands of cold-smoked salmon trout, fresh avocado and creamed cottage cheese. Adorned with fried capers and briny red onion.

Hillcrest R95

Our take on an authentic Greek salad. Blushed cherry tomatoes, crisp cucumber, Hillcrest mission olives and piquant red onion topped with velvety Danish feta and lashings of Hillcrest olive oil.


Cheese platter R250

A selection of locally sourced cheeses accompanied by Hillcrest olives, house-made preserves, crackers, fresh fruit and nuts.

Mezze platter R420

Local cheeses, Parma ham, Salami, Pork Rillette and fresh panini served with house-made preserves & veg pickle.


Hillcrest restaurant boasts its unique rotating base wood-fired oven. Our hand-rolled Neapolitan style bases are dressed with fresh local ingredients and mozzarella. Gluten-free option available.

La Campagnola R130

Just like her sister in the main course section, she can be quite zesty… our traditional Neapolitan style pizza adorned with zesty-garlicky marinated chicken breast, pickled green pepper and shaves of parmesan.

Maiale tirato R150

In house made, this one is especially for the carnivorous and packed with a piquant punch, made from slow-roasted pork leg and gammon, this smokey mixture is lightly dressed with a pineapple BBQ Sauce, peppadews and pungent rocket.

Al’ Italiana R150

Old faithful has been the star, and favourite, of the Hillcrest pizza constellation for years. Cold smoked back bacon, with creamy Danish feta and fresh avocado (when available).

Il Istrione R130

Play on one of the classics, this warm and cosy pizza is whipped up with applewood smoked ham and sliced white mushrooms. Pineapple? We think not…

Fuco fire R130

Loosely translated to Fire Fire, this chilli base pizza is dressed with salami, jalapeno caps, briny green peppers and drizzled with Sriracha. Not for the faint-hearted…

Vegetariano R125

We pack a veggie punch that will delight even the most devout meat-eaters, your choice of Bianco or Napolitana sourdough base, layered with fragrant roasted butternut, tender baby spinach, sliced button mushroom, creamy Danish feta and broccoli florets.


Pizza tray (parmesan, chilli, garlic) R25

Extra Mozzarella R38 / Danish feta R28

Green pepper R18 / Avocado R28 / Pickled red onion R21 / Rocket R18 / Mushrooms R21 / Pineapple R18 / Olives R21 / Peppadews R18 / Jalapeno R18 / Cherry Tomato R21

Bacon R38 / Smoked Ham R38 / Marinated Chicken R28 / Salami R28


All our cuts are carefully selected from local suppliers to ensure that we have the best product available for our guests. Our prime beef cuts are aged for at least 21 days. All served with stir-fried seasonal vegetables and fries.   

Signature pork pitchfork R160

Our unique, carefully designed hay pitchfork stuffed with 350gr of perfectly paprika and lemon marinated pork neck dressed with honey mustard laced butter.

Groppa alla Veneziana   R205

250gr rump rolled in rock salt and black pepper, topped with our house-made bacon jam, crunchy onion bits and fresh avocado.

Prime cuts R175

Your choice of Sirloin OR Rump, rolled in rock salt and coarse black pepper. Grilled to your liking and brushed with Chef Marc’s secret basting. Your choice between Mushroom and thyme or Madagascan green peppercorn sauce.


Our 200gr burger patties are shaped from coarsely ground lightly seasoned prime cuts of beef. Flame grilled and brushed with our secret basting, prepared medium, with pickled cucumber, crisp iceberg lettuce, sun-ripened tomato. All burgers are served with fries. Gluten-free available.

The Brewers burger R140

A slightly toasted sesame bun stuffed with a perfectly grilled beef patty, creamy camembert, jalapeno caps and smokey back bacon.

The Craft burger R150

A play on salty-sweet, a soft sesame bun topped with our signature beef patty, Irish Mocha bacon jam and sliced cheddar.

The Havoc burger R120

A classic, our signature beef patty shoved in a soft sesame burger roll, topped with cheddar

Mains and Seafood

Chicken Campagnola R105

Zesty Lemon and fresh garlic marinated chicken breast, sliced white mushroom, sweet bell peppers and Penne in a creamy lemony sauce with shaves of parmesan.

Vegetable wok   R120

Sliced white mushroom, Pak choi, egg noodle and seasonal vegetable stir fry, dressed with an Asian inspired sesame-soy dressing.

Pork slider R115

Slow roasted pork leg and gammon, hand-pulled and braised with our secret basting, with tangy coleslaw on a toasted panini with fries.

Calamari Goujons R160

Hand-cut calamari goujons dusted, and gently fried till crisp and golden, with fries, crunchy Asian slaw and tangy homemade tartare sauce.

Country chicken pie R150

Roasted free-range chicken, combined with creamy bechamel and the flavorful roasting juices topped with flakey puff pastry a crisp Greek side salad and fries.

North Indian chicken curry R118

Boneless free-range chicken breast cubes in a fragrant North Indian inspired curry sauce served with cumin-coconut rice, crisp poppadum and vegetable atchar.

Red ale hake R145

A light Havoc red ale battered hake fillet, fried till golden and crispy with tangy homemade tartare sauce, fries and a crisp Greek side salad.

Whole-food, Plant-based Menu

Vegan Bolognaise R120

A flavorful brown lentil and vegetable bolognaise on fresh butternut tagliatelle with velvety beetroot hummus.

Vegetable wok R120

Sliced white mushroom, Pak choi, butternut tagliatelle and seasonal vegetable stir fry, dressed with an Asian inspired sesame-soy dressing.

The Vegan Burger R175

The Beyond burger patty carefully grilled, on top of a slightly toasted sesame bun, with crisp iceberg lettuce, sun-ripened tomato and fries (does not contain soy or gluten).

Butternut and Quinoa salad R110

Cinnamon roasted butternut tossed with sautéed broccoli florets and red quinoa dressed with crisp chickpeas and zingy dried cranberries.


Malva pudding R60

Traditional caramel colored, spongy textured Malva pudding in a pool of Amarula crème anglaise with vanilla gelato.

Cheesecake R68

Our house favourite, a slightly baked, velvety lemon cheesecake, with Chantilly cream and wild berry compote.

Death by chocolate R70

Dark chocolate, ganache dressed, baked fudgy brownie with Belgian gelato and crunchy chocolate soil.

Chef’s Crème Brulee R70

Chef Marc’s signature creamy Crème Brulee, ask your sales ambassador for our selection available today.

Belgian chocolate gelato R55

Classic Vanilla gelato with chocolate sauce R50

Kiddies Meals

3 Jacks and Maple syrup R40

Chicken strips and chips R60

Ham and cheese panini & chips R60

Mini pizza’s (served from 10:00)

Cheeky cheese – Margarita R55

Ham and Pineapple R60

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