Slowly but surely the vines are going to wake up and start budding! The new baby shoots are going to start growing and eventually get stronger and stronger until its ready for bearing fruit!

This is one of the most beautiful times of the year! The freezing winter breezes are slowly heating up and the Spring scents are starting to fill the air. Days are becoming longer and sunsets even more breath-taking. There is just something about this time of the year that makes me feel alive! Maybe it’s because of the new life that is starting to grow all around me? The spring flowers, the budding trees and eventually the new blossoms. The birds, hard at work building new nests. All the little earth critters emerging from their wholes after a long sleep, with their new young ready to show them what the outside world has to offer. How intensely wonderful was this world created?! And how lucky we are to be spectators to the most amazing shows our galaxy has to offer. Life…

After our successful olive crop, we immediately started pruning the vines and the olive trees. We do this to get rid of the old wood and to make room for the new growth that will eventually insure another harvest next year. We also manipulate the new growth to ensure an optimal crop. Things never stands still here on the farm! With each passing day, the farm just keeps on getting more and more busy. And this will keep on escalating up and till the season starts… People are also coming out of their warm cosy homes after a long winter hibernation. Hungry for adventure and new life! And one can literally start feeling the vibe change. So long winter, hello season…

With the new season comes new wine releases! So excited about my new 2017 Saartjie Single Vineyard Selection wines, soon to be released and this time with a new look cork bottle as well as a wax top. And also, the new Estate range Sauvignon Blanc as well as the new Cabernet Sauvignon Rosè. The Sauvignon Blanc’s quality came out amazingly this year, which means I just HAD to make a reserve Sauvignon Blanc! So, this time I added a little bit of a wood component with a dash of Semillon as well. Super excited about this wine…

Be sure to make your way to our tasting room to come and have a taste of our new wines as well as sample all the new Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olive products!!

The beauty of a new season is that we get to start all over again each time.  Righting the wrongs, fixing the mistakes and striving to be better at everything we do!

Cheers to living, cheers to following our dreams and cheers to the new upcoming seasons


Arno Smith





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