Harvest Update 2017

Harvest 2017


In the midst of the Harvest chaos I find myself sitting on my office chair for the first time in what seems forever. So I thought I would take the opportunity to update on the harvest 2017 so far.

I really do believe the Devil sits and waits somewhere on the roof of the cellar for a whole year until right before harvest starts, to cause unwanted drama.  Just to give you an example…

On one day, the following broke.
-The crusher and destemmer
-The doppies pump
-The sorting table
-The cooling unit

So basically everything I need to successfully work and make wine, but luckily I got that all sorted in time. Currently I’m without a wine pump, because guess what, that broke to!!! Luckily I have amazing neighbours who helped me out with one of their pumps. Putting all that a side, the harvest is going great, and the grapes are looking phenomenal.  Things started out at a slow pace but with the past two weeks heat waves, the pace has rapidly increased. We started harvesting almost 2 weeks later than last year, and so far we are up on all the tonnages of each block of vineyards. We hope to achieve a record harvest.

Currently I have harvested 11 tons of Sauvignon Blanc and 4 tons of Merlot, and 2 tons of Semillon, some more Merlot will be coming in tomorrow as well. We have harvested a total of about 70 tons of Sauvignon Blanc for Durbanville Hills, and will continue picking into next week as well.

Really love this time of the year, reminds me why I decided to study vini- and viticulture.

Come and pop in for a visit, it’s an interesting and exciting time to visit the farm.

Arno Smith
Hillcrest Estate Wine Maker

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