Hillcrest Olive Focaccia

Olive Focaccia Bread

There is nothing better than warm freshly baked bread. The nostalgic memory of coming home to the warm savory smell of baking is one we never forget!

Because we are not all gifted chefs, we have found a really great, simple recipe for homemade olive focaccia bread. There is minimal preparation time and something anyone can do with some basic ingredients. Feel free to add things you may like and create something special for your family. This is a lovely recipe to compliment your meal and is great for sharing!

What you will need

Bread dough (we are using store-bought dough as it saves time. If you know a thing or two about baking, feel free to make your own!)

50 grams of de-pitted Green and Black Mission Olives – add more or less as you prefer

Feta cheese, optional

Half an onion, diced

Garlic – one clove

Rosemary and thyme – fresh or dried

Salt and pepper to taste, and some Hillcrest Olive Oil to prevent sticking.


On a large flat baking tray, rub the inside surface with some Hillcrest extra virgin olive oil to prevent sticking.

Roll your dough out so that it is about one to two centimeters high. Remember that it will rise as it bakes, so try not to make the base too thick.

Use a little flour for dusting your surface.

Once you have the desired width place your dough onto your oiled tray.

Sprinkle your onions on top, along with your roughly chopped Green and Black Mission Olives and a little garlic.

Crumble a round of Feta cheese on top. Feel free to use any cheese you may prefer!

Add your herbs and season with salt and pepper to taste. Drizzle some Hillcrest extra virgin olive oil on the top, and place in the oven for about 20 minutes or until crisp and slightly brown on top.

Open up your favorite bottle of Hillcrest wine and enjoy!!

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