Exciting new Wine pairing on the Cellar Door

Seasons are starting to change, slowly but surly people are creeping from the cracks to start exploring again,  so what better time than now to re-design our pairing! On the 9th of August we will be launching the new pairing, to replacing the existing Chocolate & Wine pairing.

Looking toward the rest of the year we thought it well to spice up the tasting to a more universal style which will consist of the following:

Sauvignon Blanc and Vanilla Fudge

  • The subtle but sweet vanilla fudge accentuates the natural passion fruit and guava nuances of the S.Blanc and the richness softens the acidity of the wine to create a rich vanilla fruit bomb on the palate

Cabernet Sauvignon Rose and Hand Made Turkish Delight

  • This is always a match made in heaven. The fruity, floral and slightly acidic Rose pairs well with the Turkish Delight to act as a palate cleanser to rid the palate of any saturated flavours and leaves behind a soft rose petal/raspberry flavour to brighten up the palate for the grand finale

Cabernet Franc and Dark Chocolate coated almond Nougat

  • Dark Chocolate coated almond nougat complimenting our award winning Cabernet Franc. Rich coco butter characters with soft earthy hints from the nuts linger while the red berry fruits and peppery tones wow the palate. A flavour profile like never experienced! The perfect finale for this interesting flavour journey

For only R60.00 a tasting?! An incredible tasting journey to showcase the versatility of the Hillcrest Estate range.

Come join our Cellardoor 7 days a week for this offering!

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