Update from the Wine Maker

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Arno & Saartjie

Summer must be my favourite time of the year. Not because off the weather or the holiday vibe in the air, but for one reason only, Grape harvest season is upon us. One of God’s spectacles takes place from September until March here on the farm, when our vineyards start budding after sleeping in the winter and all that seemed dead starts bursting with life, one could not help but feel the excitement for the new harvest to come.

So far 2017, shows so much promise and we are so thankful that our vineyards are looking extra healthy with a beautiful crop sitting and waiting for us to decide when it’s time to start harvesting. The positive energy we’re experiencing from our farm workers are contagious and they are just as excited to see the fruits of their hard labour. We foresee a very dry year, but that is not always a bad thing. Yes, off course we need water, but with a dry year comes a disease free year. Since I have been working on the farm, I have never seen the vines so healthy.

Our estimate harvest date is the first week of February. Starting with delicious Sauvignon Blanc, then moving to the Merlot and then finishing with the Bordeaux cultivars.

We all know that the vineyards are the most important part to make great quality wine, but it is essential that one’s Cellar should be prepped properly before the first grapes arrive at the cellar. So we are in full cleaning mode and servicing all our equipment to make sure everything runs like a well old machine as soon as harvest starts.

I really can’t wait to start smelling the fermenting juices, for the whole valley to fill up with the aromas that harvest and winemaking brings and as soon as the grapes arrive at the cellar, start sculpting on a possible masterpiece. May 2017 be a year to remember, with great wines and great memories. I wish my fellow winemaker friends a prosperous vintage…

Arno Smith
Hillcrest Estate Wine Maker