Snares on Hillcrest Estate

Hiilcrest Estate

Recently it has been brought to our attention that people are putting snares up to catch small animals on the farm all along our Estates fences. We approached Cape Nature to come assist and educate the farm workers, and to discuss the implications these snares are having on our beautiful fauna and flora. Education in our view is the best form of understanding and prevention.

We have now also implemented a system whereby on a 2 week basis our fences are searched and any snares found, destroyed.

We are all about preserving and protecting our endangered animals on the farm, and are proud to work alongside the Cape Town Government isolating a big part of our farm for conservation actions.

We do however ask our frequent visitors on the farm, bikers, hikers, to inform us if they happen to spot one of these snares, so that we can take action accordingly and report the number of snares still being put up on our estate.

Thanks in advance for your help and co-operation.

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