The Hillcrest Brand

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I’ve sent out a questionnaire to all farm workers here at our Estate.

They could all decide for themselves if they wanted to participate in this research project. My objective was to know how the people behind the scenes recall Hillcrest as brand.

The workers who responded have been working at Hillcrest between 4 months and 15 years.  They all said that they really enjoy working at Hillcrest and they relish their specific roles.  They are very grateful for the opportunity to work for Hillcrest.

I’ve requested to describe working at Hillcrest in 3 specific words, some feedback was enjoyable, happiness and best thing ever. I was also interested to find out if they think Hillcrest is a valuable brand to work for, so I asked to rate Hillcrest on a rational scale of 0-10 as an employer. The overall score was 8.6 out of 10.

We are contended to know that we have such ambitious employees that values their jobs and believe in Hillcrest as a brand! 

It’s very important to know and understand what the Hillcrest brand represents. I’ve asked all the workers to assign a human characteristic to the brand Hillcrest. They all responded in a very similar way, they said Hillcrest is a brand who is humble, caring and Honest who shows a lot of optimism. They are spot on with that prediction! We are a brand of intimacy and relationships. We love to share our boutique quality products with our customers in a personal environment where we treat our customers as friends.

After my research I’m confident that the Hillcrest Team is all on the same page when it comes to what Hillcrest stands for as a brand and that we are delivering a consistent brand promise throughout the whole team.

Melinda Botha
Marketing Assistant.



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