Calvin’s Hillcrest Journey

Kelvin blog picture

Calvin our current assistant wine maker is originally from Zimbabwe. He decided to move to South-Africa in the year 2009. At this time the Zimbabwean government decided not to grant any financial contributions towards study fees. At the time Calvin was busy with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

He’s overall goal was to move to Cape Town, get a job that would give him enough finance to complete his degree. He ended up getting a job at one of Hillcrest’s directors as a gardener. Calvin worked in his garden for the duration of one month until the director recognised that Calvin has great potential.  Hillcrest then offered him a position as a General Cellar Worker that works directly under the wine maker.

Calvin really made a good impression, because of his hard work and dedication to his job as a Cellar Worker. The wine maker decided to delegate some responsibilities to Calvin and to increase his job scope. To name a few responsibilities he had to do stock control of any wine distribution, stock recording on computers, he was involved in all wine making processes around the farm and he had to do analysis of the wines.

Hillcrest offered him an opportunity to tertiary education through Cape Wine Academy. He has already completed his certificate and is currently busy with his diploma.

Calvin is also interested in the beer making business he is currently helping out in the Hillcrest brewery.

He is such an enthusiast about expanding his knowledge in the industry and we at Hillcrest Estate are very proud to have such a hard working person as part of our team!

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