How Merlot can YOU go?!

Quarry 2015

We can do Merlot in style! Our very sought after Quarry Merlot has, once again, made it’s much anticipated appearance in our Cellardoor. Our Merlot has long made a name for itself as being an elegant, medium bodied, fruity and oh so quaffable wine, and the 2015 Quarry definitely does not fall short of its predecessors.

At a mere 10 barrel production, this Merlot is a great drinking wine and due to its “bigger” nature is an absolute dream to pair with. It can be enjoyed with any rich cheese or a premium cut, AAA grade, well aged steak! The distinct minerality of our soil helps the Merlot remain fresh on the palate with an elegant and lengthy finish.

Complex in its nature, this Merlot offers a bit of vanilla spice on the back palate to create a very well rounded wine! 18 months aged in 1st and 2nd fill barrels helps the wine maintain its age ability of about 5 to 7 years and softens the tannins just enough to give for an easy drinking style.

At a steal of only R175.00 a bottle! It is for sale in our tasting room or to purchase online for your convenience. Our tasting room is open 7 days a week where tastings start at R30.00 per person. We have an array of tastings, tasting platters and pairings available so call 021 970 5800 or email for more information!

Exciting new Wine pairing on the Cellar Door

Seasons are starting to change, slowly but surly people are creeping from the cracks to start exploring again,  so what better time than now to re-design our pairing! On the 9th of August we will be launching the new pairing, to replacing the existing Chocolate & Wine pairing.

Looking toward the rest of the year we thought it well to spice up the tasting to a more universal style which will consist of the following:

Sauvignon Blanc and Vanilla Fudge

  • The subtle but sweet vanilla fudge accentuates the natural passion fruit and guava nuances of the S.Blanc and the richness softens the acidity of the wine to create a rich vanilla fruit bomb on the palate

Cabernet Sauvignon Rose and Hand Made Turkish Delight

  • This is always a match made in heaven. The fruity, floral and slightly acidic Rose pairs well with the Turkish Delight to act as a palate cleanser to rid the palate of any saturated flavours and leaves behind a soft rose petal/raspberry flavour to brighten up the palate for the grand finale

Cabernet Franc and Dark Chocolate coated almond Nougat

  • Dark Chocolate coated almond nougat complimenting our award winning Cabernet Franc. Rich coco butter characters with soft earthy hints from the nuts linger while the red berry fruits and peppery tones wow the palate. A flavour profile like never experienced! The perfect finale for this interesting flavour journey

For only R60.00 a tasting?! An incredible tasting journey to showcase the versatility of the Hillcrest Estate range.

Come join our Cellardoor 7 days a week for this offering!

The calm before the storm…

Generally winter months are known to be more relaxed on the farm.  Winter means hibernation for some people but what does one need during hibernation? Something to keep you warm and luckily wine can help with that, throw in some Hillcrest olives and some Havoc brew beer, to make sure that your winter “flubber” is enough to keep your body isolated against that extra icy nights.

But, things never stand still here at Hillcrest.  The joys of continuously prepping and planning for the next harvest season and to actually witness the fruits of your hard labour at the end are most definitely one of the most satisfying feelings in the world.

Currently our farm workers are busy pruning the vineyards. This is a crucial part of the vineyard lifecycle that needs to be done every year after the vineyards go into their dormant faze and so important to ensure that the vineyards bud properly the next growing season and to simplify the canopy management at a later stage. Every process done at the exact right time.  This is a method perfected over centuries of trial and error. And soon we will be doing exactly the same to our olive trees.

Another very exciting thing we are currently busy with is blending and finalizing our new 2017 Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé. And I can already say I can’t wait for you to taste them.  We are also busy labelling the 2015 Quarry Merlot that will be released the 1st of August at our cellar door. Then, I don’t want to give away too much info, but there is something great coming up in September/October. All I am saying is the Saartjie Semillon needs some companions…

So as previously mentioned, winter tends to be more relax on the farm. Calm before the storm? As you can see things are already heating up. And we are patiently waiting for all our product lovers to awaken from there long hibernation, hungry and thirsty for everything new the season will bring.

Till then, keep warm and safe…


Arno Smith

Estate manager

Celebrating Women

On the 9th of August, Womans day, come and join us for a Lazy ladies lunch in the Restarant

We are celebrating woman’s day in style! Invite your bestie, bring along your daughters and even Grandma for lunch. We are going pink and pretty!!!  We haven’t forgotten about the men, they can always come for Havoc Brew’s craft beer and one of our burgers.

Booking is essential for this gorgeous day celebrating women!!!!!!

the Ladies Lunch will be  R125.00 p.p

On the Menu

Pink Cocktail

Quiche of the day with salad


Buttermilk scones with strawberry compote and fresh cream


While you are here, you can pop into the Cellar Door and enjoy a wine tasting or try the new pairing on offer.

In celebration of Nelson Mandela

We are all fortunate enough to know what it’s like to start the day with a hearty breakfast and go to bed every night with a tummy full of warm food. Unfortunately, as we also know, there are kids all around us that do not have the same privilege. Each day they get up and go to school without any food, which would give them the energy to focus and excel at school.

Saxon Sea Job Creation Centre and Feeding scheme is non-profit organisation running a soup kitchen which feeds poor and disadvantaged kids in the Atlantis area. We are seeking assistance with donations of food to keep the soup kitchen operating and feeding the children. Your support of donations of food is key in achieving this goal.

The children who are assisted by the Centre will be going to school with food and love thanks to your assistance.

So in the light of Nelson Mandela Day and what it signifies, Hillcrest Estate has decided to run a food drive Starting 18 July until 18 August 2017 to assist charity workers in providing warm food for these underprivileged kids in Saxon Sea, Atlantis. Our aim here is to gather as much food items or donations for food to help these selfless workers feed as many children as possible! We would like to call on all our loyal customers to help us reach this goal whether the donation is Food items or monetary, every little bit helps!

Food parcel or donations can be dropped off at Hillcrest Wine Estate, Tygerberg Valley Road, Durbanville with Elize Bothma (Cellardoor Manager)

We thank you in advance for your support! Your donation is greatly appreciated.